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This system simply offers better opportunity to the users. This automated insurance system was developed to offer better understanding to the end user. The insurance claim procedure can be quite complex. The integration was executed keeping into consideration the holistic user experience. The utilization of different customized technologies made it easier to build seamless application for the car insurance process.



An online automated process that can figure out the exact need of individuals looking for the best venue selection for event was designed. The web and mobile applications were developed on MVC technology. The idea was to infuse better integration of adaptability to different set of end users. The suitability index for people in making venue choices for an event can be highly differentiated. The design of this system helped in maturing the most optimum choice that fits with the instant requirement. The development of interfaces with Ruby and Rails make the development viable and extremely customer centric.



Better Secure Password is not just another random password generator but its designed to solve peculiar problems which comes after saving passwords or user finds in day to day operations



A cross platform doctor’s appointment application designed and developed by our mobile application team, Remedy is a hybrid mobile application which is available on Android and iOS. It helps patients find doctors locally, find their availability, make bookings and payments. It was delivered well under the given budget and timeline.

Rock choir


Rock Choir offers an alternative experience to the traditional classical or community choir. This application helps the company to record attendees and upload to saleforce crm



The sale of used automobiles is a big industry. We got the opportunity to design tailored system for the auction process. API based web and mobile application solution was prescribed for this product. The design of an adapted portal improved the requirements of a successful automated auction. How interested parties communicate the auction process was integral to its success. We incorporated all the relevant parameters to centralize the automation auction procedure.

Rock choir


The development of an ecommerce store needs the accurate execution of variables. This project was all about precision in integration. The design and development required mobile compatibility that was duly delivered with a well-defined payment gateway. Response time is always important for customers in the online medium. The response time for this product was designed with Wordpress and Woo commerce. The unique selling proposition was to increase the visibility of the product portfolio and engage the positioning with the diverse customer segments.


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