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We provide the umbrella for startup companies looking for digital solutions.

We handcraft solutions for startups

The span of pain that a startup might endure can be taxing. Specialized outcome specifically designed to solve precise problems. Once in a lifetime opportunity should not be squandered!

  • Build brand persona

    What value proposition best defines your business. Establish the authentic brand values. Justify how it impacts on the user experience. Implication of brand positioning must be professionally sorted out. What do you think?

  • Spread your Brand’s Massage

    Identify the emotional connectivity that your application evokes. The personality of the brand should promote clarity of message. Business leverage is vital to improve brand equity. We provide the foundation to build support structure to disseminate the brand massage.


    The purpose of each application must make sense. The design of user stories on post it notes can promote the desired level of interactivity. How you address the user experience with the features of the website impact on the whole experience.

  • How user story improves development process?

    The assumption for a certain course of action must be supported by acceptance criteria.The right plan must be implemented to eradicate inefficiency? A collaborated approach best defines how users will interact. The resource pool must be utilized diligently.

Our Workflow

The design of workflow sets the business process in motion. We dedicate focused approach as per the requirements of the startup. Provide the right type of integration that bolsters the seamless integration of the business process. Check your strides whether it is heading to the right destination. We ensure an assured workflow in determining the deliverance of different project phases.

We design the access to business success. The continual support that digital products requisite commitment. The expert assistance and professional insight in the development of digital products is our specialty. From website to an application we provide the platform that communicates real life specialism in handling numerous queries in various contexts. Any query is not a concern for us.

Product Development Process

We encourage your feedback during the project to make sure that we are on track to deliver the solutions you need to make your business succeed.

  • deep-dive

    Deep Dive

    What aspects can make the difference to accelerate solution? The utilization of Deep Dive methodology can significantly impact on the logical outcome of the idea. Each business problem is unique. How the solution framework is shaped requires comprehensive understanding of the situation. Are you adept to adapt to the changing business needs? Your startup must address it, immediately!

  • innitiation

    Build Steps for Agile Development Process

    Each phase of product development must influence the ability to realize the prescribed outcome. Every decision matters. Process that affirms to user need promotes collaboration in efficiency. We support Agile development process to systemize the product development from scratch to finish.

  • agile-2


    It is all about meeting the product delivery deadline. The design of the architecture for each user story needs prioritizing the features. Iteration must be assigned in a context; we can elaborate, how.

  • product-release

    Product release

    The right time of the product release is a complex decision. In general startups have limited guidance about it. The methodology to affirm the right time in releasing the product must be assured. It needs to be tested and compared with the enacted methodology.

Development Process

The process defines the product: every decision we make is based on our principles of collaboration, transparency and respect for the needs of the user. We're enthusiastic proponents of Agile development practices and take pride in our ability to build, react and, refine.

Product Design

  • User Stories
  • User Personas
  • Core wireframes
  • Product Roadmap
  • Budget Planning


  • Sketch the main experience via wireframes
  • Craft a purposeful design to map wireframes
  • Develop front end with landing page
  • Get feedback with user testing to validate and iterate
  • This step significantly reduces the budget of the app


  • On first successful validated data start backend development with small iterations
  • Improve design and iterate
  • Code and iterate with refined idea with prototype


  • On first successful validated data start backend development with small iterations
  • Improve design and iterate
  • Code and iterate with refined idea with prototype

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