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This system simply offers better opportunity to the users. This automated insurance system was developed to offer better understanding to the end user. The insurance claim procedure can be quite complex. The integration was executed keeping into consideration the holistic user experience. The utilization of different customized technologies made it easier to build seamless application for the car insurance process.

Tourist Coin

TouristCoin will provide best benefits to merchants in regard of liquidity and cashing out their funds easily, moreover merchants who accepts Touristcoin will be listed on our booking platform to gain their organic sales. This will genuinely increase the circulation of Touristcoin and simultaneously merchants will get a boost in their sales.


The effortless farm management is facilitated by the app Smartherds. It provides an all-inclusive analysis of supervising cattle farm. The eventual outcome is better integration of the available data in making profound decisions. The system offers a reality check to control cost and analyze productivity. Farm management couldn’t get any easier. Smartherds anticipate the need and generate adapted solutions.


We’ve helped clients in a multitude of industries.

With years of experience working across a variety of verticals, ranging from designing apps for innovative startups to developing robust e-commerce platforms for retail giants, we work with businesses who acknowledge that technology systems can help fill business gaps.

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