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We build technology solutions for cloud enabled web, mobile and software platforms for businesses develops customized, cloud, web, mobile and software applications for businesses.

Our goal is to deliver on budget, on time, and with clear communication throughout the development process.

Our Core Services

Case Studies



Sauron motor claim system provides a bridge to connect insurance companies and workshops. Helping clients to track progress with complete automation.



Event for Me is a web and mobile based application which provide users with an easy method to search, view and book venues for events. This idea was born when the client had difficulties in finding an affordable venue locally. From an idea to a wireframe, designing to technical execution, and an application to a self-sustained business model, we provided proper consultation and mentorship that helped bring more value to this startup.


we’ve helped clients in a multitude of industries

With years of experience working across a variety of verticals, ranging from designing apps for innovative startups to developing robust e-commerce platforms for retail giants, we work with businesses who acknowledge that technology systems can help fill business gaps.

Technology Stack

We use technologies that enable us to achieve the best results.